What To Do If Symptoms Return

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Someone recently asked an important question.  He said that he had received his healing of an incurable illness but that several weeks later the symptoms were returning.  His question was this: how do I keep and protect my healing?

When we gain the victory over an illness, we have a marvelous and powerful testimony for the Lord.  Recovery from an illness is something that is obvious for everyone – believers and non-believers alike – to see.  The enemy hates this kind of testimony for the Kingdom, so it is rare if he does not try to move in to destroy that testimony.

What to do if symptoms returnBe aware that after we receive our healing and walk in health, our body is still a “familiar place” for the spirits of infirmity that had attacked us.  After we banish them, it is very common for them to try to come back.  In fact, I would guess that it is rare for the enemy NOT to see if he can gain the victory later.  He will use all forms of doubt, discouragement, and deception to convince us that we weren’t healed the first time and that now we are defeated.  So, we have to keep ourselves well-fortified through thanksgiving, praise, prayer, and continued immersion in the Word.

For anyone in the situation of seeing symptoms return after they have walked in healing, I would remind them to be vigilant in the way they describe what they observe in the natural.  Don’t “own” symptoms that appear to have returned.  Call them “lying symptoms.”  I am not saying to deny that they are there or to ignore them because that would be very foolish.  I am saying that you must firmly declare that they have no right to stay on you and that they must leave, in the name of Jesus.  Don’t anticipate or expect lying symptoms to “progress.”  Take your authority against the spirit of infirmity that is attacking you again.  I have covered how to do this in The Power of God’s Word for Healing (Volume 1) and The Power of God’s Word for Receiving Healing (Volume 2).  (Click here for further info.)

Be sure to take frequent “doses” of the Word of God because it is medicine for us.  When symptoms are raging in our bodies, it is much easier to press in to the Word of God because our need for healing is uppermost in our mind.  However, when healing is manifested, what the enemy tries to do is to get us to back off from the very things that helped us to receive our healing – pressing in to the Lord and following the guidance of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis (and often on an hour-to-hour and minute-to-minute basis).  Too often, we return to old ways and habits of living.

Seek wisdom and guidance in prayer.  If you have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, then pray in the spirit.  Pray for revelation of any doors that you might have inadvertently opened to make yourself vulnerable to enemy attack.  Then, make any corrections that you need to make.  (I discuss many things in The Power of God’s Word for Overcoming Hindrances to Healing – Volume 3 [click here for further info] that reveal areas that may need reinforcing.)  Pray for instruction about ways the Holy Spirit may want you to support your body in the natural, physical realm.  Pray, giving thanks for the healing that was released by Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Feed daily on cds and online messages of powerful men and women of God who understand that the atonement of Jesus included healing as well as salvation.  There is a very powerful message called No More Curse by Pastor Tracy Harris.  Click here to go to his website:  http://experiencehim.org.  Click the “Media” tab, then select “Classics,” then select “No More Curse.”

God never wanted mankind to live under the curse.  Learn how to stop calling “normal” what God calls a curse.  Learn that it is a curse to have sickness come on you again and again and again.  Reinforce your mind with the spiritual truth that it is God’s will for you to be healthy and whole.

Last, but certainly not least, have people who believe that God is always the Healer join in the prayer of agreement with you for your complete and total healing and restoration.  The prayer of agreement is one of the most potent weapons in the arsenal of God’s Kingdom.  And having someone lay hands on you according to Mark 16:18 also activates another spiritual law for healing.

Be sure not to listen to voices of condemnation and doubt that say you weren’t really healed the first time and that you won’t make it this time.  There is no limit to God’s mercy and grace and healing power.  Stand strong, and receive the healing that Jesus died to provide for you.

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