Video for The Power of God’s Word for Overcoming Hindrances to Healing

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The Power of God's Word for Overcoming Hindrances to Healing

Here’s another book trailer video. This one is for “The Power of God’s Word for Overcoming Hindrances to Healing: Volume 3 of the Christian Devotional Healing Series.”


This book continues to build on the foundation laid in the first two volumes. It reveals over 50 hindrances to your healing that may be delaying your recovery.  If you do not eliminate these barriers to healing, you may stay “stuck” and decide that maybe God doesn’t want you to get well.

God wants everyone to be well, just as He wants everyone to be saved.  Jesus died to give you the victory over disease so it is time to eliminate every obstacle in your path.  Find out now what is standing in your way.

This book divides the major hindrances to healing into four main categories:  misunderstanding Scripture, following the traditions of men, emotional issues, and not taking God at His Word.  The devotional format provides daily messages that will produce a powerful effect in your life.  Each devotion includes a healing prayer and healing Scripture to give you quick, uplifting support and encouragement.

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I hope you will enjoy the book trailer as it takes you into the heart of the book.

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