Hearing God’s Voice

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Heaing God's voice

Whenever someone is dealing with illness, it is vital that he (or she) be able to hear the voice of God clearly.  Many voices compete for attention — voices of authority, voices of loved ones, voices of fear, voices with bad reports, and the list goes on.

I recently listened to a message given by Pastor Tracy Harris, called “Hearing His Voice.”  Anyone can listen for free by going to his website:  http://www.experiencehim.org.  Once you enter the website, look in the “Today” tab and click “Go Deeper.”  Register if you need to.  Then on that page, scroll down to the category called “Discipleship.”  Select the message called “Hearing His Voice.”

Pastor Tracy explains that God “walks in us” through His voice.  The most valuable thing in existence is God’s voice, and every believer must be able to hear it clearly.  It is the key to increase — especially increase of revelation knowledge.  This is one reason that it is so important to remove fear from our lives because it causes us to respond incorrectly to God’s voice, even when we hear it.

A primary key that we need to know in order to walk in victory with the Lord is distinguishing the Lord’s voice from all other voices.  Pastor Tracy says, “It’s not that you don’t hear the Word.  It’s that you hear it AND you hear other voices.  Now you’ve got something going on.  Because whichever one you start giving your attention to is going to start growing in you.  In the last days … the greatest challenge the Body of Christ has ever experienced with this [is going to be] letting too many different voices into your life.  Because what they do is, they vie for a piece of your spirit.  They begin to challenge you for a piece of your cognizant reality.”

The problem is that it too often seems all right to entertain these other voices.  Sometimes these other voices are saying things really close to what the Word of God says.  What we have to remember is that “close” isn’t good enough.  When God’s Truth is altered even a little bit and we receive that distortion as acceptable, we are now in deception and in deep trouble.

We are entering a season for the restoration of all things.  God can put us back where we would have been if we hadn’t been attacked with illness or other difficulties.  We have to want to line up with God’s voice, however, to be in position to receive this outpouring.

Hearing God’s voice clearly requires commitment and the desire to be with God in a one-on-one relationship.  Take the time to be still and know that He is God.  Rest in Him and listen.

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