Praying for Healing of Birth Defects


One of our readers raised the question of praying for healing of birth defects. She had been praying for healing from a birth defect and was challenged by someone ...

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Two Brothers Healed of Autism


Here is another encouraging video from Andrew Wommack Ministries about the McDermott family. They had two boys who were both diagnosed with autism.

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Healed from Cancer


Mike Hoesch was healed from cancer after hearing Brother Andrew Wommack's message, You've Already Got It. Watch this video of his testimony and be encouraged!

Healed From Multiple Sclerosis


Merci Santos was healed from multiple sclerosis after she learned "A Better Way to Pray" from the teaching of Andrew Wommack. Watch this video and learn what she learned that led to her recovery.

Music For Healing


When you feel discouraged or are in pain or just feel out of sorts with your life, few things can restore you more quickly than music that fills your soul.

Do You Define Yourself By Your Illness?


Do you often define yourself by your illnesses or state of health? Do you find yourself saying, "I am anemic" or "I am a diabetic" or "I am sick"? None of these definitions of yourself as a sick person describe who you are in God's eyes. Like all words we speak, each of these statements has power, and our soul and body take in the words and believe them.