Healing Devotional Audiobook Now Available

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When the Lord gave me my assignment to write some devotions on the topic of healing, I had no idea what a complex assignment it would turn out to be. I’ve tackled formatting for print books and for digital books — and graphics for book covers — and video software to make book trailers. But by far, the most challenging has been producing an audiobook.

Only by the grace of God and with the support of some very The Power of God's Word for Healing audiobookspecial friends who cheered me on day by day has the first volume of The Power of God’s Word made it over the finish line to become an audiobook.

Volume 1 — The Power of God’s Word for Healing — is now available from amazon.com, audible.com, and iTunes.  I hope you will like it, and, if you do, it would be a big blessing to me if you would leave a review for me.

Here are the links:

For iTunes, look in: Audiobooks > Religion & Spirituality > Anne B. Buchanan.
Then select: The Power of God’s Word for Healing.


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