Testimony of Healing from Multiple Sclerosis – part 2

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Healing testimony

I Was Healed of Multiple Sclerosis – Part 2

(Please read “I Was Healed of Multiple Sclerosis – Part 1” by Gina Ferrell-Gregory.  This is the remainder of the story.)

There I was half-sitting up on the convenience store floor.  After the emergency people arrived, I declined going to the hospital.  Both of my grandparents had just recently died there, and I was not going to be the next in the family to die because of some medical mistake.  Please excuse my dark attitude about this matter.  I had previously taken care of each of them, and my wounds were still fresh.

My ex-husband took me home.  When I went to the doctor, I had a MRI done.  My doctor said that it appeared that I had several scars on my brain and asked if I knew that information from any previous tests.  She said that it looked like MS.  I didn’t get much information on MS from her, except that I should have been in a great deal of pain.  Therefore, I began to educate myself that day.  I went to my public library, gathered a stack of books in front of me, and began reading.  I will never forget learning the low statistics of people with MS who can still walk, usually using some kind of support.

Tears rolling down my face, I looked up at God, and said with anger and determination, “I will not just walk.  I will run!”  I said it over and over just to let the universe know I WILL NOT WALK.  I WILL RUN!

I was so weak after I had “fallen out” at work that I quit all my jobs, except one cleaning job.  My grown son went to work with me and helped me to keep this job.  I could not be on my feet long, and in no way could I run the vacuum or do anything strenuous.  I did, however, stay in the bed all day in order to work the two hours to clean in the evenings.

Sometimes at home I could not even brush out my own hair, brush my teeth well, or clean our home.  I remember crawling down our hallway to the bathroom, too weak to walk on my wobbly legs!  One day I was at the kitchen sink and turned the water on, and I urinated all down myself!  I was angry and called my doctor and asked to see someone else.  I had read all of these symptoms in books, but my doctor never ever mentioned any of these things.  I hoped that the MS thing was just some kind of bad day.  Unfortunately, I found out that the symptoms were typical of many with MS.

Days in the bed turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months.  I lay there and prayed and slept a lot.  One day one of my daughter’s neighborhood friends came to visit her.  I could hear from my bedroom as the girls were talking.  My daughter’s friend asked if the three of us could all go do something together.  My daughter said with a sneer in her voice, “We can never do ANYTHING, because my mom is ALWAYS sickkkk”.

I thought how much my daughter suffered with me in the bed, and I didn’t want her to miss out on life, because I was sick.  I prayed again and said, “Lord, I am not going to keep on living like this. You have got to heal me of this thing, in Jesus Name!”  I have learned more about prayers of faith in the years since that day, so I don’t recommend that same prayer for you.  But I didn’t know anything else to say at the time, and I am so grateful for the Lord’s love and mercy on me.

I immediately heard the Lord speak directly to me!  He said, “I WILL DO IT.”

I said, ” Well, when are you going to do it, Lord?”  I didn’t receive a reply that day.

Day after day, I asked Him the very same question.  I did believe Him and took Him at His Word – but I wanted to see the manifestation quickly!  I asked Him over and over, when I was waking, when I was lying in the bed, when I was falling asleep, and when I was eating.  No matter what I was doing I asked Him.  This went on for two solid weeks!  Then one morning as I was just waking up and before I had even opened my eyes yet, the Lord, Himself, spoke to me again!  This time He clearly said, “I DID IT.”

I was excited and almost frantic.  I said, “You did it Lord.  You did it!”  Without a moment’s hesitation, I jumped up out of my bed.  Then I proceeded to do the many things that I could not do the day before.  I actively helped my daughter get ready for school. I combed my hair, all the way through it!  I brushed my teeth standing in front of the mirror!

I quickly realized that my muscle tone was not up to par, including my heart.  So, I began to walk.  Then within days — not weeks and not months — I did what I said on that day that I would do.  I RAN!  I started running a mile or two, and in no time at all, I was running four miles a day!

I took my mini-trampoline outside of my apartment, and I ran on it. I ran for all the world to see. I ran for the devil to see, and I spoke out loud, “DEVIL, YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD ME. YOU THOUGHT YOU HAVE KILLED ME, BUT LOOK AT ME NOW!!!!”

I am still living free from multiple sclerosis.  I am learning more about faith and more about how to pray strong faith-filled prayers.  I give all glory to the Lord for taking the stripes on His back for me and for being my Healer!


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