Testimony of Healing from Multiple Sclerosis – part 1

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Healing testimony

I Was Healed of Multiple Sclerosis – Part 1

Hello. I’m Gina Ferrell-Gregory. When I realized that some readers of GodWantsYouToBeWell wanted me to tell my story of how I received my healing from multiple sclerosis, I was delighted. Since I accepted the invitation to be a guest contributor, both of the vehicles in our household have broken down, our checking account has dipped below zero, and new ailments have been attacking both my husband and me. Therefore, I am now not just glad to testify of my healing(s), but I am driven! You see, we gain victory by the word of our testimony (Revelation 12:11).

The story I am going to tell seems to be quite a short one, I have been told, when it comes to MS (multiple sclerosis). I will begin by describing my situation at the time many years ago. Although I am currently married to a wonderful man, when my story begins, I was divorced, working two jobs, raising my daughter alone, and barely scraping by. I worked a lot, and I was under a tremendous amount of stress. I did not listen to my body, and, in fact, I ignored its signs of being plumb worn out.

One of my jobs was in a small convenience store, and another job was cleaning a surgeon’s office here in town as well as other facilities. My first symptom that I noticed was that I started misplacing items throughout my home. For example, I would find my hair brush in the freezer! When I finally realized it was me and not my daughter who was putting things away in crazy places, I was perplexed and a little frightened. I also noticed I was having trouble remembering what items were called, like the shower curtain. I found myself describing the curtain, when asking my daughter to put it INSIDE the shower while showering. She helped me by saying “DUH, MOM, you mean the shower curtain!”

I did confide in my mother, who said, “It’s because you’re crazy! Ha ha.” The sad part is that she honestly believes all Christians are crazy!

One night in particular, I had a MS episode or attack, if you will. When it hit, I had no idea what was going on. I was at work at the convenience store. It was around 3:30 a.m., and my ex-husband came into the store. I had kept him away from my daughter and me for eleven years. Over that period of time, he had come in a few times to ask about our daughter, but it was always during the day when I had many other customers and was very busy.

This time was different because I was all alone. The store was very quiet. He started asking questions about our daughter, and I could feel my heart speed up. I tried to resist this, but instead, I began to feel bad. He looked at me and said that I looked as though I was going to pass out. I told him that I always felt like that working this shift, since I was not able to sit down all night long.

In addition, I had not eaten before work. I decided that I needed to eat right then, so I took a bite of my banana that I had carried to work with me. However, I still felt very ill. Next, I took a bite of a candy bar. Just then my hands and feet started tingling like they were suddenly asleep and trying to wake up. The feeling was very intense, and I noticed suddenly my mouth tingled as well. I grabbed the phone, as I was falling to the floor.

As I lay there on the floor, I called 911. I knew I had to (with the help of God) take care of myself. My ex-husband did not handle pressure well, and he started crying and telling me how sorry he was for everything that he had done to me in the past.

The emergency people answered the phone, and I explained where I was. I told them my theory as to why I was on the floor, which was that I believed I was having a stroke. My hands were curled up to my chest, and I wasn’t able to move them. My feet were also out of business! My right foot turned in slightly, and my mouth went completely dry. I had part of my candy bar in my mouth, but now I could not swallow it. Also, my mouth felt twisted and talking was a real challenge for me. I did manage to tell my story over and over again. I learned later this was to keep my brain thinking and alert.

I so badly just wanted to lie there in a ball and sleep. But Someone inside me told me, “Stay awake”. (We know who that was, don’t we? The Holy Spirit!) So, I sat up the best I could.

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