I used to ask, “Where can I find Bible verses?”  I want to look up Bible verses and find a scripture online.  How do I do that?  In the process of answering that question I discovered my second favorite Bible study tool — blueletterbible.org.  I’m going to show you just how to use it in this post, so click the link to open a new browser window.  You should see the home page of the website.

It is so important to be able to know how to find scripture verses — and how to research what the words mean in Hebrew and Greek.  You may want to compare different versions of the Bible so that you can see the meaning that different translations give to a particular passage of Scripture.

First, let’s look at the home page.  See the illustration below.

Notice that there is a box for you to enter the words you want to look up.  Next you see a box for the version of the Bible that you want to use.  Then there is the “Search” button.  Suppose I want to find the verse with the words “for God so loved.”  I type in that phrase in the entry box.

After I click the “Search” button, I get this:

Now you see the verse has appeared in the search results along with the citation for the verse.  I can see that the proper citation is John 3:16.

Suppose we want to see how that verse would read in other translations.  In order to do that, click the down-arrow in the box for “Version” so that you can see the drop-down menu.

In our example we are going to select “NLT” for the New Living Translation.  Remember that our search is still for the words “for God so loved.”  Here’s the result:

Notice that we now see three verses that have the words we entered in the box.  What blueletterbible does is to find all the verses that match whatever is in the box.  Now we see that there are three verses in the New Living Translation that have the words “for” and “God” and “so” and “loved.”  The words do not have to appear in the verse in the order that we typed them in.  If you want to find the words in the exact order, then put quotation marks around them.  For example, you would type “for God so loved” in the entry box.

In Part 2, we will explore more wonderful ways that we can use this online Bible study tool.  So stay tuned!