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  • Praying for healing of birth defects

Praying for Healing of Birth Defects

One of our readers raised the question of praying for healing of birth defects. She had been praying for healing from a birth defect and was challenged by someone ...

  • What does sozo mean?

What Does the Word “Saved” Really Mean?

I grew up in a traditional Baptist church so I learned very early that to be "saved" meant that I would go to heaven if I accepted Jesus as my Savior. That was, of course, true. But it was only after I began to examine ...

  • Why is it so hard to get healed, part 1

Why Is It So Hard To Get Healed? Part 1

A reader of our blog asked this question, "Since healing was provided for in the Atonement just as our salvation was, why is it so hard to get healed?"

  • Why is it so hard to get healed, part 2

Why Is It So Hard To Get Healed? Part 2

God's best is for our healing to be as instantaneous as our salvation was. But does that happen? It actually happens ...

  • Scriptures for overcoming depression video

New Video on Bible Scriptures for Overcoming Depression

Are you like many people today who are feeling increased pressure in almost every area of your life? Problems and challenges seem to rise up in a relentless pounding. The temptation arises to let thoughts of worry and fear and doubt linger in your mind.

  • Healing devotional audiobook

Healing Devotional Audiobook Now Available

When the Lord gave me my assignment to write some devotions on the topic of healing, I had no idea what a complex assignment it would turn out to be.