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  • What Does the Word “Saved” Really Mean?

    I grew up in a traditional Baptist church so I learned very early that to be “saved” meant that I would go to heaven if I accepted Jesus as my Savior.  That was, of course, true. But it was only
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  • How To Find A Verse In The Bible (Bible Search Part 3)

    In Parts 1 and 2 we have introduced the marvelous online tool for Bible verse searches:  www.blueletterbible.org Let’s take a look at a more advanced type of word search.  Suppose someone has told you about a verse in the Bible
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  • How To Find A Scripture (Bible Search Part 2)

    In Part 1 of our Bible search tutorial we learned how to do a basic scripture verse search.  For Part 2 of the tutorial, let’s explore more helpful functions of blueletterbible.org. Suppose I want to know what the Greek word
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  • Where Can I Find Bible Verses? (Bible Search Part 1)

    I used to ask, “Where can I find Bible verses?”  I want to look up Bible verses and find a scripture online.  How do I do that?  In the process of answering that question I discovered my second favorite Bible
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  • Praying for Healing of Birth Defects

    One of our readers raised the question of praying for healing of birth defects. She had been praying for healing from a birth defect and was challenged by someone who said that she was in error by doing so. He
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  • Why Is It So Hard To Get Healed? Part 2

    As you know from a previous post, a reader of our Godwantsyoutobewell.com blog asked a question.  It was this:  “Since healing was provided for in the Atonement just as our salvation was, why is it so hard to get healed?”
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  • Why Is It So Hard To Get Healed? Part 1

    A reader of our Godwantsyoutobewell.com blog asked this question, “Since healing was provided for in the Atonement just as our salvation was, why is it so hard to get healed?” He assured me that he wasn’t trying to be difficult,
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  • Testimony of Healing from Multiple Sclerosis – part 2

    I Was Healed of Multiple Sclerosis - Part 2. The story of God's grace and healing of Gina Ferrell-Gregory from multiple sclerosis concludes in part 2.
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  • The Will of God »

  • Does God want you to be well?

    When you want to receive healing, it’s vital to believe deep within your heart that God wants you to be well and healthy. But in order to believe that, we have to know who God is. I developed so many
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  • What To Do If Symptoms Return

    Someone recently asked an important question.  He said that he had received his healing of an incurable illness but that several weeks later the symptoms were returning.  His question was this: how do I keep and protect my healing? When
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  • Hearing God’s Voice

    Whenever someone is dealing with illness, it is vital that he (or she) be able to hear the voice of God clearly.  Many voices compete for attention — voices of authority, voices of loved ones, voices of fear, voices with
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  • “I Know the Plans I Have for You,” Says the Lord

    “I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord.  This is a personal message from the heart of God straight to your heart.   I recently bought an album of music by Damaris Carbaugh called “The Heart of
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  • New Video on Bible Scriptures for Overcoming Depression

    Are you like many people today who are feeling increased pressure in almost every area of your life?  Problems and challenges seem to rise up in a relentless pounding.  The temptation arises to let thoughts of worry and fear and
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  • Hope for Healing and Restoration

    Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick.”  How true this is.  When you have hope for your healing or for restoration in some other area of your life (such as family relationships or financial stability) and you stand
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  • Worship Music to Speed Your Healing

    There is nothing like pure worship.  Worship takes us to the throne of God, and it transports us into the glory.   In the place of worship the healing presence of the Lord is almost tangible.   I recently heard
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  • Rick Renner’s Bible Study – Webcast

    Who doesn’t need encouragement and good teaching on the Word of God?  One of the best teachers I know is Pastor Rick Renner.  He has begun doing a Monday night Bible study that is open to everyone. In his home
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  • Announcing the Winner of the Audiobook Drawing!

    On December 3, we announced our drawing for a free audiobook, “The Power of God’s Word for Healing.” We are very happy to tell you that Marjorie E. is our winner!  Congratulations, Marjorie! We want to thank everyone who participated in our drawing.  Because we had such a good response to this drawing, we hope […]

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  • Spotlight on The Power of God’s Word for Healing Audiobook

    I have exciting news. I have been asked to be on a webinar called “Ask Daniel Anything” to discuss my new audiobook, “The Power of God’s Word for Healing.” The host of the webinar is Daniel Hall, who has developed numerous courses for people like me who want to publish their books. There are so […]

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  • Healing Devotional Audiobook Now Available

    When the Lord gave me my assignment to write some devotions on the topic of healing, I had no idea what a complex assignment it would turn out to be. I’ve tackled formatting for print books and for digital books — and graphics for book covers — and video software to make book trailers. But […]

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  • Testimony of Healing from Multiple Sclerosis – part 1

    I Was Healed of Multiple Sclerosis – Part 1. Hello. I’m Gina Ferrell-Gregory. When I realized that some readers of GodWantsYouToBeWell wanted me to tell my story of how I received my healing from multiple sclerosis, I was delighted.

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  • Bible Verses for Peaceful Sleep and Rest — without narration

    Getting sound, restful sleep is vitally important to restoring your health.  So often when you feel stressed or ill, you may find it challenging to sleep normally.  We hope that this video will help you to focus on God’s promises for protection and for rest. Yesterday we shared the same video, which was produced with […]

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  • Bible Scriptures for Peaceful Sleep and Rest — with narration

    Here’s another new video that we’ve just finished. It is listed on youtube.com as “Bible Scriptures for Peaceful Sleep and Rest.” It is similar to our video on “Bible Scriptures for Healing.” You will find calming music combined with video and a few nature sounds. This time, however, we have produced two versions of the […]

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